Tips for Choosing Nude Lipstick Colors, Match with Skin Color

It is common knowledge that women always want to look perfect especially about their appearance. Many details that women pay attention to especially at the time of makeup. One makeup item that should not be left behind is lipstick.

There are various types of lipstick to choose from and choosing nude lipstick is never wrong in the world of beauty especially for those of you who don’t like to look too menor. Therefore it is not surprising that the popularity of nude lipstick never dims.

Because everyone has a different skin type and each woman has their own uniqueness, this also applies in choosing the color of nude lipstick. Before you choose a lipstick color you should first identify your skin type and the natural color of your lips.

This will be very helpful to determine what color is suitable and suitable for you to wear. Further, here are tips for choosing nude lipstick colors.

First Determine Your Skin Undertone
The first step you need to take before choosing lipstick color is to recognize your undertone first. It’s easy enough to just stand in the light and check the color of the blood vessels on your wrist.

If the color of your veins is blue, then you have a cool undertone and it’s better to choose a lipstick color with a cool undertone and nude that has a white or blue base.

Meanwhile, if the color of your veins is green it means you have a warm undertone which means you should choose a lipstick with a yellow undertone. But if you have blood vessels that mix between blue and green, you can use warm and cool-toned shades.

How to Choose Lipstick According to Skin Color

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1. Light Brown Skin

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People with light brown skin are more often said to be easy to find the color of lipstick. Especially for a nude lipstick. For example, you can see Kim Kardashian’s lipstick choices as inspiration.

2. Warm Toned Skin

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If you have warm undertones, be sure not to choose a lipstick that has a gray base. It’s better to use a warm caramel feel that is better suited to warm-toned skin. Because colors that have a gray base can make your skin dull.

3. Cool Toned Skin

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Having cool-toned skin sometimes makes someone confused to choose the best nude lipstick color so it doesn’t look dull when worn. But for those of you who have cool-toned skin, there’s no harm in trying lipstick with pink color mixed with nude brown lipstick.

4. Darker skin

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People with dark skin are better to use lipstick with a lighter color than the original skin color so that when used does not make the face look dull. You can use lipstick with a light beige color. Don’t use lip gloss because it can make the plumper look.

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