[Beginner’s Guide] How to Upload Document Files to Google Doc or Google Sheet

In the previous tutorial, we discussed how to download documents in Google Doc. Now we will discuss the opposite, which is the way uploaded Word document file to Google Doc, a task that for some people is a difficult job.

One of the causes of this difficult task is the placement of the upload button that is barely visible. But, hopefully after reading this tutorial, you can now uploading documents to Google Doc without significant problems.

  • First, open the Google Doc page or click this link. If you want to upload an excel document, then just switch to Google Sheets via the button available there.
  • If you are already in Google Docs, now click the folder icon on the far right as shown inside screenshot below this.

  • Then a window will appear popup in the window the browser You. Click menu the tab Upload and click the button Select the file from your device.

  • Select the document you want to uploaded to Google Docs.

  • If the upload is successful, the document will open directly in your browser and then edit it as needed.
  • After this process, the document will also be automatically saved to Google Doc for later to be modified again if necessary.

This same step can also be applied to Google Sheets and Google Slides. Good luck, hopefully useful.

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