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Pastor Chides Donald Trump For Electioneering At Her Church

Donald Trump Washington (Telephost) – The pastor of a black church interrupted Donald Trump’s remarks in Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday as the Republican presidential nominee began to attack his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not to give a political speech,” the… Read More »

Clinton releases more medical info after pneumonia diagnosis

Hillary Clinton leaves her daughter Chelsea’s home in New York, New York, United States New York (Telephost) – Hillary Clinton’s campaign released an updated letter from her doctor Wednesday, following her disclosure over the weekend that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. Her physician Lisa Bardack wrote that Clinton’s pneumonia was mild, non-contagious and bacterial,… Read More »

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says bloodshed may be needed to protect conservatism

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Kentucky (Telephost) – Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said conservatives may need to turn to physical violence in order to protect the United States against contemporary liberalism. The Republican governor put forth the controversial suggestion after speaking of the “degradation of society” during an impassioned, 15-minute speech at the Values Voter Summit… Read More »

New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into Trump Foundation

The Trump Foundation uses money from other people to finance Trump’s high-profile charity giving. New York (Telephost) – New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Tuesday that his office has launched an ongoing “inquiry” into whether the nonprofit Donald J. Trump Foundation is “complying with the laws governing charities in New York.” The revelation about… Read More »